Best Way to Convert FB2 to MOBI

FictionBook is an open XML-based e-book format which originated and gained popularity in Russia. FictionBook files have the .fb2 filename extension.

From my experience, when converting FictionBook to MOBI, many tools usually lose the original formatting such as of footnotes, text alignment, headings, indented line, etc.

Personally, I found that the best FB2 to MOBI converter that preserves the original formatting is the fb2converter.


To use it, you need to specify a configuration file. Here is mine: fb2c-configuration.toml


To convert all the .fb2 files in a folder, provide the configuration file, run the convert subcommand and specify the output file type. For example:

fb2c --config /opt/fb2c/configuration.toml convert --to mobi .

Allow loading scripts from to see the comments.
Last Updated: 2019-07-13T18:04:19.000Z